Security Risk Assessments


Identify Exposures

By conducting a survey of your site, our team identifies any frailties in your current posture. We will work to address the shortfalls in your site, improve ingress and egress points and develop primary and secondary measures to allow you to appropriately respond to any emergencies or threats.

Site and System Analysis

By considering both the physical and technological components of security we can create an overlapping and fail-safe solution that supports a holistic viewpoint. We can anticipate the consequences that would arise if either system were compromised.


Emergency Contingency Plan

Our countermeasures are designed to execute a successful contingency plan without disrupting the continuity of business operations.

Assessments & Solutions that
Maximize Your Growth Potential


With home invasions, burglaries, and crime on the rise, our team believes in pre-emptive planning by identifying vulnerable or exposed facets of your site, rectifying those flaws and creating practiced contingency plans. Our expertise in evaluating threat origin, threat profile, site security, implementing security technology and authorizing access control makes Savage III your best bet in assessing threat vulnerabilities and thwarting the likelihood of a disruptive event.


Our individual assessors have over 30 years of experience, employing globally accepted methodologies and industry best practices in high-risk areas such schools, places of worship, corporate facilities and private entities, and residential estates.

Security Risk Assessments

Asset Definition


Your assets will be analyzed to determine which assets have the greatest liabilities and would result in the highest loss impact requiring the most crucial attention.

Threat Assessment


We will identify vulnerable and high-risk areas, based on the severity of impact and the likelihood of a damaging or disruptive event occurring.

Vulnerability Analysis


An evaluation of your current access control, security systems, and emergency contingency plans will identify deficiencies of your current security arrangement.

Optimized Security Implementation


Our consultant will recommend revisions to any architectural, operational, electronic surveillance and operational systems and guide you in implementing new policies and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a security risk assessments?

Having a security risk assessment conducted is a necessary step in the rational progression of establishing a security program. Efficient security programs and policies need to be appropriate and proportional to the threats. Although often regarded as unnecessary, those that prepare are able to minimize losses and liabilities.

What is the difference between a threat assessment and vulnerability assessments different?

A threat assessment studies the imminent entities and tactics, usually terrorist, criminal natural or accidental, used to breach security and disrupt normal operations. Once those threats are identified and evaluated, a vulnerability assessment determines the gravity of any exposures that can be exploited and recommends the best way to curtail them.

What classifies as a physical threat?

A physical threat can be an act of violence targeted at a person aimed at causing bodily harm. This can come in many forms, such acts of violence, active shooters, bomb threats, suspicious packages or suspicious persons.