Executive Protection


Tailor-Made Solutions

Savage III personalizes every contingency plan to serve the needs of ultra-high net worth individuals, executives and government officials. Speak to one of our representatives today about creating a plan that will recognize and mitigate any threats or challenges.

Risk Mitigation Experience

Our executive protection agents consist of an expert team of dedicated professionals from some of the most acclaimed law enforcement agencies, particularly, the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Military units and intelligence agencies. Such knowledge provides expert analysis and effective risk assessments for any unique situations.


Global Presence

Having worked in domestic and international jurisdictions, our agents are highly knowledgeable, competent, and qualified to deter or tackle any challenges you may face abroad. Savage III has extensive international relationships that allows Savage III to provide services anywhere in the world.

A Proactive Approach to Executive Protection.


Our executive protective services offer Members of Congress, Ultra High Net Worth individuals, diplomats, celebrities, and their associates a proactive approach in assessing, detecting and safely reducing threats and unwanted nuisances. Our agents are trained to maintain the highest standards of discretion and confidentiality, adapt to ever-changing environments, and create any contingency plans to prioritize client safety.

Our Security Philsophy



We believe that the first step to security is preparedness and prevention. Our services begin with detecting problems before they arise; proactively identifying or correcting standing action plans so that when the moment comes a plan is executed rather than precipitated.



After assessing any potential threats and creating a contingency plan, we place physical and technical countermeasures in place to deter new threats. Our agents are trained to focus on de-escalation and conflict resolution based on the experience and teachings from our expert management team.



We are the first line of defense, but some situations require additional assistance. Our agents are trained to coordinate with local, state, and federal emergency responders when high-risk situations arise in the field.



Day to day operations consist of identifying suspicious threats, criminal violations, and facility issues; then evaluating and implementing proper communications protocol to mitigate new challenges. Thus, resulting in our clients traveling or working with peace of mind unperturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs executive protection?

It’s a common perception that only executives and celebrities need executive protection, but any individual or entity that finds their daily routines hindered by nuisances or uneasiness would benefit from our security team.

What are the benefits of executive protection?

Employing a wait-and-see or reactive strategy may leave you exposed to an unacceptable level of disaster recovery. Having an effective and well-planned executive protection plan can minimize the impact of risks or losses should a breach occur.

How much does it cost to acquire your services?

No detail is identical, so the best way to formulate an appropriate plan would be consulting with our representatives. We can conduct a proper evaluation of your current situation and determine the correct plan of recourse.