Cyber Security


Digital Forensics & IR

From quick neutralization to comprehensive forensic evaluation, our consultants have provided forensic expertise to many companies including competitive security firms who lack internal forensic examination capabilities.

Internetwork Assessment

From traditional penetration testing to vulnerability assessment, we can create the perfect solution for organizations and IT firms looking for an ongoing expert level monitoring. Penetration & Vulnerability Assessments + FSOC (a portable forensic SOC environment) and external assessments


Application Assessment

For full coverage we check HTML Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), SQL Injection, Authentication Schemes, Design Deficiencies, platform weakness, Browser & Privacy Attacks amongst others.

Cyber Security and
Data Forensics


With so much of daily life online, from bank account access to names and addresses, cybercrime can result in a loss of money and cause extraordinary damage to your reputation and data. Cyber criminals rely on the historic pace of evolving technologies to exploit the deficiencies in unsecured networks.


Savage III’s cyber security professionals have the expertise to take-down and expunge information at the source by utilizing cyber security and data forensics. Cyber security focuses on prevention while computer forensics recovers data, identifies potential suspects and develops disaster recovery plans to resume work after an unplanned incident. Despite their differences, both are meant to protect data, programs, networks and other digital assets.

Corporate Protection that Maximizes Production

Penetration Testing


Our services provide modern security engineering that offers traditional security services like access testing and vulnerability assessments through Powertrain Pro. Identify unseen threats and take a proactive approach to deter any unwanted intrusions before having to resort respond quickly to a security breach with a prepared plan of action.

Network Level Probes


Implement a range of cyber security measures such as improved firewalls, virus scanning and automated backups to drastically reduce violations and recovery time. Discover unauthorized devices in violation of policy, detect devices in unconfigured, misconfigured or vulnerable states, reveal rogue access points and other malicious systems.

Forensics Evaluation


Choose from our many assessment frameworks and let us investigate your computer systems, networks and data for indicators of compromise and exfiltration. Contact us for live forensic artifact collection from your environment to our cloud for quick evaluation of deficiencies in your network.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)


The loss of data and the cost to recover it can be a steep price to pay. Anticipate major losses by letting us recommend a solid disaster recovery plan to drastically reduce violations and the downtime it takes to remedy the breach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies Savage III as an expert in Cyber Security?

Our Cyber Security Experts have over 20 years of experience having performed hundreds of forensic examinations and disclosing numerous vulnerability disclosures. Our approach blends only the important pieces of various security strategies into one consolidated assessment with an advanced analysis providing actionable value to tell you not what you already know but rather, what you don’t.

Why is Cyber Security important?

Most companies now digitally manage and store sensitive information but as technology evolves so does the sophistication of cybercrime. Cyber security ultimately protects your organizational assets from internal and external threats.

Is there value in investing in cyber security?

Many businesses are reluctant to free up more of the budget for cybersecurity, seeing it as an additional unnecessary cost. However, the recovery from a cyberattack almost always heavily exceeds the cost of prevention. An organization might end up paying thousands, even millions of dollars to ransomware criminals and still have to worry about the additional expenses of investigating, remediating and restoring the infrastructure of the business.