Background Investigations


Pre-Employment Investigations

Hastily hiring a candidate who turns out to be a poor fit can be detrimental to the company. Our results enable you to thoroughly assess candidates’ qualifications and previous work history, so your leadership can make well-informed decisions.

Criminal Record Tracking

We help you uncover criminal activity that could easily be masked as otherwise non-existent, detailing all history of criminal convictions.


Financial Liabilities

Our competencies include financial background and history checks to assess an individual’s financial responsibilities and their behavior around sensitive financial data. Vetting an applicant can be expensive, but it doesn’t compare to the monetary losses you might endure in the event of an internal breach.

Background Investigations that Deliver Peace of Mind


Our investigative services not only assess potential employees, but extend to the private sector, deploying open intelligence probes against any person or entity. Enlist our background investigation services at Savage III Inc. to reveal security threats and uncover lurking risks in your environment through a professional approach that will efficiently and accurately reveal the subject’s personal and criminal history. When screening employee candidates, background investigations ensure that you protect not only your potential investments and assets, but your employees, customers, and business partners.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities & Reduce Risk

Protect your Workforce


By requesting background checks of your employees, you take the initiative to maintain an effective workforce by ensuring the safety of your company and associates. Productivity, client and employee relationships, and company growth can be jeopardized due to an unsuitable hire.

Accurate Professional History


Individuals under investigation might stretch the truth in hopes of omitting unwanted personal history. We research professional and personal accounts with confidence, proficiently discovering and verifying professional records.

International Coverage


Businesses are expanding internationally and opening the workforce pool to international talent. Our investigations extend to searching both domestic and international databases.

Social Media Presence


As social media use has risen, so has the possibility employees might be posting images or content contrary to a company’s mission and values or social media policies. We help you preserve your online reputation and brand awareness by reporting any red flags from social media posts of applicants and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a background investigation take?

We understand the urgency required for background investigations and provide exigent reporting when necessary. Turnaround depends on the type and length of background, so we suggest consulting us for an initial discussion to decide what type of investigation fits your needs and its corresponding timeframe.

What specific criteria does a background investigation include?

Depending on the services requested, our reports can include identity verification, professional employment, criminal and credit history, online and social media presence, civil litigations and court filings, asset reports and much more.

How often should a company screen its executives or employees?

Most organizations only conduct background checks during the hiring process, knowing of the benefits of minimizing the risk to their business, employees, and customers. However, more companies are periodically updating background screenings to avoid any potential safety issues, claims of negligence or violence in the workplace.