Our Leadership


Lorenzo Robert Savage III


Founder and CEO, Rob Savage leads the strategic development in advancing and expanding the mission of Savage III, Inc. Under his oversight, Savage III Inc. is enhancing its capabilities in diverse security areas and expanding into different markets.


Our company’s continued growth and strength of reputation are the results of acquiring some of the most visionary and experienced security experts in the world combined with best-in-class service to each of our clients.

Burke Ewers


Burke is the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Savage III Inc. He oversees the financial management of the business, provides financial strategy, risk assessment, and financial regulatory compliance and spearheads initiatives to minimize cost and maximize profit for Savage III Inc. He is business savvy with an eagle eye for spotting opportunities and possesses astute financial acumen.


He brings 20 years of experience as a CEO and President of leading growth, business innovation and profit maximization for the energy sector, and his experience in financial/strategic planning, financing, and investment performance brings value to Savage III Inc end-user clients.


Nick Trotta


Nicholas Trotta is a former Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations for the Secret Service, where he managed all protective operations, 12 divisions, and 2,300 employees. He began his career with the Secret Service as an officer in the Uniformed Division in 1981, before being transferred to the New York Field office as a special agent. Throughout his career, Mr. Trotta has served in a variety of protective and investigative assignments, including the Milan Resident Office, the James J. Rowley Training Center, and the Presidential Protective Division, where he served five sitting US Presidents from Reagan to Obama.


Prior to his appointment as Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations, he served as Assistant Director of the Office of Inspection, where he oversaw routine and special inspections, ensured compliance with Secret Service policies, regulations and procedures, and oversaw misconduct and integrity investigations. Mr. Trotta has received numerous awards for superior performance, including the Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Service in 2007, and has been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated, Runner’s World, and ESPN’s 30 for 30. He is also an executive board member of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation and has been a guest speaker in leadership discussion groups and events.

Gregory P. Suhr


Suhr Consulting Group LLC is a consultancy that provides crisis management, strategic security, infrastructure protection, dignitary protection, event security, emergency management, and civic engagement services to public and private sector clients. Notable clients include Super Bowl LI/LII, Golden State Warriors, AMTRAK, Naval Postgraduate School, and California Office of Emergency Services.


Greg Suhr served as the 42nd Police Chief of San Francisco from April 2011 to May 2016, managing a $550 million budget and leading over 2,100 sworn members and 400 civilian members. During his tenure, he prioritized the safety of San Francisco’s at-risk youth and oversaw initiatives such as the Police Activities League and scholarships programs. He also oversaw dignitary protection, event security, and traffic control during large-scale events such as the “Batkid Day in San Francisco” event, which granted the wish of a young boy suffering from cancer.


Nacho Zamora


Nacho is Vice President of Operations at Savage III Inc. and oversees the provision of best-in-class security and threat management operations for all Savage III Inc clients. He retired after serving 26 years with the U.S. Secret Service in protective, investigative, and liaison assignments. During his career, Ignacio held various senior-level protective positions, including serving on the Presidential Protective Division (PPD) where he helped develop, implement, and manage all physical security plans and risk mitigation strategies for protection of multiple U.S. Presidents and First Families. His duties span strategic planning, physical security, risk mitigation, criminal investigations with extensive global experience in the analysis, assessment, and mitigation of security threats, as well as expertise conducting research and training in the prevention of targeted violence in schools and in the workplace.

Joshua Meadows


Josh is the Director of Operations & Logistics at Savage III Inc. He has 15 years of combined experience in security, personnel supervision and management with major security firms and government agencies. He is a resourceful and pragmatic problem-solver, adept at building and leading strong security teams that thrive under pressure and build strong relationships with our clients.


Joshua continues to serve in the U.S. Air Force in Security Forces where he is certified in Anti- Terrorism Force Protection. He specializes in implanting physical security programs integrating electronic countermeasures, CCTV and access control systems.

Steve Finnegan


Steve serves as Savage III Controller. Steve has had extensive experience in working with, and within, the highest levels of several elite organizations. With nearly a decade of experience in executive roles, he has spearheaded process improvement and system implementation across all departments in the organization. He has a keen knack in identifying process bottlenecks and fixing them, maintaining and improving service levels while obtaining efficiency, for his organization and the customer.

Natalie Meadows


Natalie is the Office Manager at Savage III Inc. She successfully supports all strategic, fiscal, and operational management functions with her strong organizational, analytical and communication skills. Having previously worked closely with CEOs, executives and upper management, she has proven adaptable and versatile in building and executing corporate policies and procedures. Natalie has over 15 years of customer service experience and excels at effectively communicating and managing our growing staff.