Corporate Security


Asset Protection

Corporate security protects your organizations, resources, technologies, staff, and customer data from a vast array of internal and external threats. Maintain the continuity of your business operations by keeping your valuable assets safe.

Workplace Safety

From surveillance to securing perimeters and access points, or screening visitors, we have a proven track record in keeping corporate sites safe. Our team is trained to prevent, deescalate and be the first line of defense when responding to emergency situations.


Risk Assessment

Our team is proficient in identifying potential corporate risks that might endanger your employees’ safety or impede your business’ growth. By proactively identifying deficiencies, we can formulate strategies to effectively deter and prepare for any eminent threat.

Safeguard your assets to ensure your business workflow


Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are susceptible to crimes that could pose harm to employees or customers and the reputation of the company. Corporate security mitigates a wide range of workplace crimes, such as active shooters, thefts, property damage and assaults while ensuring the continuity of operations. We prioritize our clients’ business safety by building and implementing or improving an operational security plan and safeguarding your profits and employees.

Corporate Protection that Maximizes Production

Physical Security


By combining technical security systems with our elite security personnel, we can fortify your business against unwanted physical or digital intrusions.

Business Continuity


Keep unexpected nuisances like a global pandemic to the shifts in political climate, from distracting your business’ productivity.

Workplace Theft Prevention


Inhibit internal and external theft and preserve your valuable assets with the help of our security professionals.

Active Shooter Training


Empower your organization with the training and knowledge of preventing, recognizing, and responding to unpredictable acts of violence in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add on to an existing security system?

Our team specializes in various facets of corporate security, ranging from electronic surveillance and access control systems to onsite security guard presence. A consultation with one of our experts can help determine what upgrades would help augment the current system and its deficiencies.

I just terminated an employee. How can we prevent retaliation?

Unfortunately, the fallout from an employee’s involuntary separation can be unpredictable. Employers can anticipate damage from a volatile employee by keeping thorough documentation of the termination and communicating the decision with your management team. In the event of escalatory backlash, Savage III can help mitigate through open-source intelligence, behavioral threat analysis, as well as a physical onsite security presence.

How will security help make my business and workforce more productive?

With your corporate assets safeguarded and your staff’s well-being protected by trained security professionals, your workforce will feel secure and composed to focus on achieving your business objectives.