Family Services


Residential Protection

A home should be a safe and secure environment, affording you and your loved ones a true sanctuary. From surveillance systems to on-site protection, our team of experts are trained to be discreet, yet present, when safeguarding your residence and what matters most.

Travel Assurance

Whether for business or personal travel, local or globally, our team will assess your itinerary and construct a contingency plan to provide close protection and an unencumbered experience. We have partnerships all over the world that help with reconnaissance and evaluations of political climates, secure ground transportation and overall journey management.


Event Coordination

Involve our experts in any special event to guarantee the safety of your attendees and estate from start to finish. We ensure seamless organization in partnership with your planners and vendors, providing expert insight regarding access control, permit logistics, risk management, crowd management and more.

Keeping What Matters Safe


Family is everything, so why trust just anyone with your most precious asset? High-risk individuals entrust us with their security concerns when it comes to protecting them at home, their children at school, protecting your guests at a family celebration or even monitoring your family in a foreign destination. Regardless of the location, our commitment is to give you the peace of mind you want and keep what matters safe. Our professionals are artfully trained in building a trusting work relationship with our client and being present but discreet, firm but compassionate.

Your Family’s Protection Is Our Top Priority

Discretion Policy


We recognize the delicate nature of maintaining a position of notoriety. Our team strives to utilize measures that deter unwanted attention and ensure maximum privacy

Customized Protection


All family situations are unique but have the same goal in mind. Our dedicated account manager can design a personalized security action plan to best fit your needs and concerns.

Open-Source Intelligence


Our team extracts data and information from covert and publicly available digital sources to identify threats and thwart threats. This discipline divulges information from social media, publications that might compromise the safety of your home.

International Coverage


Our team is comprised of consummate professionals with decades of international security experience with long-lasting regional and foreign partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will having guards in my home disrupt or intimidate my family?

While the thought of guards in your residence might seem daunting, our guards are dedicated to securing your home and family while maintaining an unobtrusive footprint.

What kind of locations are appropriate to have a security team?

Our family services cover a vast range of public and private venues and environments. We can be present in schools, places of worship, residences or vacation spots abroad. Please consult with our team to make the right accommodations.

Does Savage III offer security internationally?

While the logistics of going abroad with your family can be a hassle; your safety shouldn’t be an added concern. The Savage III team is at your service with expert knowledge in domestic and international travel safety and logistical necessities to keep you and your loved ones safe on your trip.